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Dr. Wendee Whitehead at Double Diamond Chiropractic is dedicated to delivering the most effective chiropractic and nonsurgical treatments for Bastrop County families. Centrally located in McDade, Texas (close to Bastrop, Elgin & Lexington), you won’t have to drive far to see a chiropractor near you!

Our skilled chiropractor near Bastrop specializes in diagnosing and treating a range of issues with specialized training in Gonstead, Activator, and Thompson Techniques (Dr. Whitehead is the sole chiropractor in Bastrop County with Proficiency Rating in the Activator Technique and she is Board Certified in Rehabilitation and Strengthening!)

Plus, there are many other reasons to make the small drive up to see Dr. Wendee Whitehead (read below).. 
Whether you’re suffering from chronic neck & back pain, are seeking a wellness tune up after a long hike at Lost Pines or needing a back adjustment after kayaking down the Colorado River, we can help!

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281 Paint Creek Rd
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Bastrop County Chiropractor Dr. Wendee Treats Bulging Disc, Disc Herniation for all patients

What Sets Us Apart From Other Bastrop Chiropractic Offices

1.Dr. Whitehead is 1 of only 4 chiropractors in Central Texas certified by the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation and Strengthening Board (ACBR).

Dr. Whitehead stands out as one of Central Texas’s most esteemed chiropractors, distinguished as one of only four practitioners certified by the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation and Strengthening Board (ACBR). 

This elite certification, earned through a rigorous three-year program and comprehensive examinations, underscores her exceptional expertise in treating various conditions, including back pain, sciatica, herniated discs, neck pain, headaches and more.

When you’re dealing with pain, you deserve a Bastrop chiropractor who listens to your concerns and addresses the root cause of your issues. 

Dr. Whitehead goes above and beyond to make sure each and every patient feels safe and well-cared for. But don’t take our word for it – you can read for yourself what our patients are saying!

2. $49 First Treatment: Affordable & Accessible Chiropractic Care For All

At our practice, we are dedicated to ensuring that quality chiropractic care is within reach for everyone. Take advantage of our $49 New Patient Special and rest assured knowing we accept auto insurance, as well as payment methods such as Zelle, Venmo. 

As a seasoned chiropractor, Dr. Whitehead can accurately diagnose your condition and design a comprehensive treatment plan to alleviate your pain and minimize the risk of future injuries.

3. Detailed, Individualized Evaluation For EVERY Patient in Bastrop County

Dr. Whitehead’s method initiates with a comprehensive assessment designed uniquely for each new patient. This encompasses an extensive health history assessment alongside orthopedic, neurological, and functional exams.  

Dr. Whitehead’s evaluation includes: spinal alignment, flexibility, strength, endurance, function, balance, diet, and posture.

This holistic approach ensures a thorough grasp of your condition, laying the groundwork for a personalized and impactful treatment strategy.

We will customize a wellness plan tailored to your needs, incorporating chiropractic care, physical therapy, nutritional counseling, and other therapies for a holistic approach to health and wellness.

4.Specialized Techniques: Gonstead, Activator & Thompson

Dr. Whitehead’s commitment to leading-edge chiropractic care is demonstrated through her regular participation in advanced training sessions. Her expertise encompasses specialized training in Gonstead, Activator, and Thompson Techniques, uniquely positioning her as the sole chiropractor in Bastrop County with Proficiency Rating in the Activator Technique.

Furthermore, she holds a 120-hour certification in soft tissue injury and neurology, with a focus on advanced topics related to whiplash injuries. This dedication to ongoing education ensures that Dr. Whitehead provides state-of-the-art care tailored to her patients’ needs.

Common Symptoms & Conditions We Treat: Back & Neck Pain Relief + More

Below are some of the most common conditions treated by local chiropractors, ourselves included:

  1. Upper, Mid, Lower Back Pain:
    • Chiropractic care is most renowned for its effectiveness in managing acute and chronic back pain. Treatment often involves spinal adjustments to improve alignment, reduce inflammation, and relieve pressure on nerves.
  2. Neck Pain:
    • Similar to back pain, neck pain responds well to chiropractic manipulation. Techniques such as cervical adjustments can help reduce stiffness, improve mobility, and alleviate discomfort.
  3. Shoulder pain: 
    • This is another common condition that a nearby chiropractor can address through various treatment modalities. Chiropractic care for shoulder pain focuses on identifying the underlying cause of the pain, which could stem from issues within the shoulder joint itself or from referred pain originating from the neck or upper back. 
  4. Headaches and Migraines:
    • Chiropractic adjustments may provide relief for tension headaches and some types of migraines. By addressing spinal misalignments and muscle tension, chiropractors aim to reduce headache frequency and intensity.
  5. Joint Pain (Arthritis):
    • Chiropractic care can be beneficial for patients with arthritis, particularly osteoarthritis. Gentle adjustments and mobilization techniques can enhance joint function, reduce inflammation, and alleviate pain.
  6. Sports Injuries:
    • Athletes often seek chiropractic treatment for sports-related injuries such as sprains, strains, and tendonitis. Chiropractors employ techniques to promote healing, restore range of motion, and prevent future injuries.
  7. Sciatica:
    • Sciatica, characterized by radiating pain along the sciatic nerve, is commonly treated with chiropractic care. Adjustments and therapeutic exercises can relieve pressure on the affected nerve, reducing pain and numbness.
  8. Whiplash + Car Accident Related Injuries:
    • Chiropractic care is frequently utilized in the rehabilitation of whiplash injuries sustained from car accidents or sports collisions. Gentle adjustments and soft tissue therapies aid in restoring neck mobility and reducing pain.
  9. Pinched nerves
    • A pinched nerve causes discomfort and limitations. Chiropractors specialize in diagnosing and treating these issues, whether in the spine (like cervical radiculopathy or sciatica) or peripheral nerves. Treatment involves gentle adjustments and mobilization to reduce nerve pressure, alleviate inflammation, and promote optimal nerve function. 
  10. Disc Herniation: Bulging Disc, Slipped Disc, Ruptured Disc
    • Herniated discs occur when the inner gel-like material of a spinal disc protrudes through the outer layer, leading to nerve compression and pain. Chiropractors employ gentle spinal adjustments and traction techniques to alleviate pressure on the affected disc and reduce associated inflammation. 

About Dr. Whitehead 

Dr. Wendee Whitehead was the owner of Whitehead Chiropractic in Austin for over 30 years where she helped over 20,000 patients find relief from headaches, neck pain, low back pain and injuries resulting from auto accidents.  She recognized the need for a chiropractor in Bastrop, so she opened a small practice that focuses on individual treatment that gets patients out of pain and back to their life in as few visits as possible.  She does this with a detailed history, comprehensive exam, and exercises designed for your condition.  

You will never feel rushed or hurried.  

Dr. Whitehead takes the time to discover the true cause of your pain and then she works with you to develop a roadmap to healing.   

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