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What thinking does Elon Musk and the most successful chiropractors have in common?

bastrop county successful chiropractors dr wendee whitehead

When asked what makes him so successful, Elon Musk stated “I have an obsession with the truth.”

All the great chiropractors and manual medicine doctors I have studied under could have stated the same.

Janda stated you must find the key weak link. Janda would look for the underlying weakness causing continued pain and reoccurrence of injury. For example, a sprained ankle may impair balance and co-activation of muscles causing a faulty movement pattern. This results in disc degeneration, weakness of the gluts, overactivation of the psoas. Translated simply: chronic low back pain, neck pain, etc.

Simply adjusting the painful joint may relieve the pain temporarily; however, addressing the balance, stretching tight muscles, and strengthening the weak muscles be restorative.

Gonstead stated “Find it accept it where you find it, fix it and leave it alone.”

Extended treatment plans aimed at repeating the same adjustment of the painful area, and not looking to the underlying mechanism is oftentimes blind and truthless. Dr. Gonstead like Dr. Janda would focus on correcting the key subluxations or the key functional weak link.

Our goal as doctors should be to take our knowledge and skills, educate the patient in their home exercise, and teach them how to maintain.

According to B.J. Palmer, you are healing when you are holding your adjustment. Specific and precise adjustments, along with home exercises will restore patients to wellness faster than pounding on the same joint and telling the patient “See you next time.”
The most successful doctors are accountable to themselves and to their patients and are driven by results and truth.

Dr. Wendee Whitehead D.C has been driven by the truth for 30 years. Her commitment and passion are to help each client get fast, gentle effective relief. She practices in McDade, Texas in Bastrop County. Her patients travel from nearby communities of Elgin, Texas, Bastrop, Lexington, Manor, and Giddings.