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Accidents happen, and when they involve automobiles, the aftermath can be physically and emotionally challenging. If you’ve recently experienced a car accident, we understand the toll it can take on your well-being. That’s why we urge you to reach out to our dedicated, local car accident doctor, Dr. Wendee Whitehead, at Double Diamond Chiropractic for expert care.

She has advanced training in Gonstead and Thompson Techniques and is the only chiropractor in Bastrop Country Proficiency Rated in the Activator Technique. 

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Common Auto Injuries We Treat At Our Chiro Clinic

Our nearby chiropractor, Dr. Wendee Whitehead, is experienced in treating a range of auto-related injuries, including:

Neck Pain
Shoulder Pain
Pain Between Shoulders
TMJ or Jaw Pain
Blurred Vision
Ringing in Ears
Low Back Pain

One prevalent injury we address is whiplash, a strain in the neck resulting from the rapid back-and-forth or side-to-side movement of the head during an impact. Whiplash can lead to various issues, from headaches to neck and shoulder immobility. Additionally, auto accidents may cause disc problems and trauma to the neuromuscular system, potentially resulting in tingling or numbness in extremities.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, we recommend seeking treatment from an auto accident injury chiropractor near you immediately.

How Our McDade Auto Accident Chiropractor Can Help Treat Your Injuries & Relieve Pain

At Double Diamond Chiropractic, Dr. Wendee Whitehead is committed to providing comprehensive care from the initial consultation to a personalized treatment program, meticulously documented at every step.

Auto accidents can have a lasting impact on your well-being, affecting various aspects of your life. Our experienced auto accident doctor understands that immediate attention is crucial to addressing misalignments and relieving pressure on delicate nerve tissue, ultimately alleviating severe pain. Ignoring whiplash injuries can contribute to early spinal degeneration, with studies showing lingering pain in up to 40 percent of accident survivors even 5 years later.

While over-the-counter medications might provide temporary relief, they fail to address the root cause of pain. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, commonly used after accidents, may even accelerate osteoarthritis, according to research published in the Lancet.

Dr. Whitehead, leveraging her extensive chiropractic and rehabilitation knowledge, focuses on locating and treating the underlying causes of pain without medication, ensuring a quick and effective return to a pain-free life.

How We’re Different: Our Approach To Treatment

When it comes to addressing chronic pain, Dr. Wendee Whitehead stands out with her unique and comprehensive treatment methodology. 

Comprehensive Evaluation
For every new patient, Dr. Whitehead starts with an in-depth evaluation that includes a comprehensive health history assessment, followed by an orthopedic, neurological, and functional examination.

Dr. Whitehead’s evaluation goes beyond the surface, covering essential aspects such as spinal alignment, flexibility, strength, endurance, function, balance, diet, and posture. This holistic approach ensures a thorough understanding of your condition, guiding the development of a personalized treatment plan.

Dr. Whitehead is 1 of only 4 chiropractors certified by the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation and Strengthening Board in Central Texas.  

Setting her apart in Central Texas, Dr. Whitehead is among a select group of chiropractors (1 in 4) certified by the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation and Strengthening Board (ACBR). 

Achieving this distinction requires an additional 3-year program, including 300 post-doctoral training hours and intensive examinations. This elite certification signifies expertise in the examination and treatment of various conditions. Chiropractors must pass 3 written tests and a comprehensive oral evaluation. 

A rehabilitation chiropractor is a much better choice for patients who have not responded to chiropractic manipulation alone. Many chiropractors use adjustments only and do not give stretching, strengthening or stability exercises. 

A rehabilitation program includes:
• Functional Movement Screens
• Ranges of motion
• Flexibility exercises restore normal tissue length and prevent long term overuse injuries.
• Strength – helps improve mobility and stability
• Endurance – helps prevent injuries that result from repetitive activities.

Our board-certified rehab doctor will give you the proper exercises designed for you to allow you to have maximum recovery.


Advanced, Specialized Training & Techniques

Dr. Whitehead attends yearly advanced training sessions. These intensive programs focus on the latest advancements aimed at alleviating your pain, restoring optimal function, and bringing vitality back to your life. 

Through active participation in these seminars, she learns about the latest treatments for pain, emerging diagnostic technologies, and innovative perspectives on chiropractic care.

She has advanced training in Gonstead and Thompson Techniques and is the only chiropractor in Bastrop Country Proficiency Rated in the Activator Technique. 

Moreover, she completed a 120-hour certification in soft tissue injury and neurology covering advanced topics of whiplash injuries.

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Cutting Edge Chiropractic Equipment
Our office is equipped with cutting-edge chiropractic tools, including pilates equipment, thermographic analysis for nerve pressure assessment, and advanced Thompson drop tables for gentle yet effective adjustments. Dr. Whitehead’s investment in state-of-the-art equipment ensures you receive the advantage needed for accelerated healing and prompt pain relief.

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